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Membership is at the heart of The Mustard Seed Cooperative Grocery Inc. A co-op is a business owned and governed by its members that operates for their benefit. Cooperation is a powerful tool to help communities meet local needs. As a co-owner of the Co-op you are entitled to an equitable vote in a democratically-run business.

You won’t have to be a member to shop at the Co-op but being a member does mean you enjoy a variety of benefits. Member-owners elect the Co-op’s Board of Directors to oversee the long-term development of the Co-op, the general management of store operations, and the financial management of the overall business. A $100 Membership share is your household’s fully-refundable, non-transferable investment in our cooperative enterprise.

Membership Benefits

  • Voting rights, one vote per share, for Board of Director Elections
  • Opportunity to be involved in the leadership and structure of your store
  • Discounts on all items at time of purchase (likely a 2% discount)
  • Additional regular sales items for members only
  • Access to member-owner prices for specialty and bulk-ordering services
  • Discounts at co-op workshops & events

Membership Responsibilities

  • Stay informed about  the business by reading regular Co-op emails
  • Participate through voting, completing surveys, and providing informal feedback on Co-op issues
  • Purchase a $100 membership share, providing capital for Co-op operations

Additional Details

  • The liability of a member is limited in accordance with the Co-operative Corporations Act in Ontario.
  • Membership is open to any person over 16 years of age, as well as incorporated entities.
  • Two or more persons in a household may jointly hold a membership, but count as one person for voting purposes.

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